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Big Shit Show




Suzie Wahn

Singing Maggot

Suzie & Amanda

MC Dink Winkerton

Reverend Beat Man

Isabelle Hell, Rev.B.

Kow Boy

Pymbol &Curtain Girl

The Joy of Cooking

Fat Girl

Deutschmark Bob

The Fart Organ


Künstler und Musiker/ Artists and Musicians on Stage
BeatMan, Kat Aellen, Reni Wuensch, Robert Butler, Delaney Davidson, Marcia Farquhar, Jem Finer, M. Mole, DM BOB, Jakobus Siebels, Elvis Pummel, Ole Wulfers, Boris Joens, Mathias Keller, Susanne Wieland, Silky


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